V-BCi 2018 Reflections

Business Enterprise Development: Livelihood, assets and Value Chain Analysis

On August 21, 2018 V-BCi facilitated a business enterprise development workshop at Kubwa, FCT, Abuja focused on livelihood, assets and value chain. The workshop was with funding support from Summit Bible Church, Kubwa and had 25 participants. Participants were  able to define and identify livelihood activities; analyse livelihood activities and potential to generate sustainable income; analyse market trends and linkages; analyse value chain and place their activities within the value chain; and understand what an enterprise is and how livelihood activities are able to transcend to an enterprise.

Some of the tools used through interactive activities were Leaky Bucket; livelihood Framework; asset pentagon; vulnerability context, structures and processes table; value chain analysis; and reflective writing.

skill mapp pic 1

Skills and Capacity Mapping Workshop

On June 15, 2018 V-BCi facilitated a skills and capacity mapping workshop. The tried to build a shared understanding of the existing capacities and assets as a way to enhance participants’ ability to build on these capacities for future adaptation. it used potential-oriented approach instead of a problem-oriented approach in creating a positive space for learning. The workshop was with funding support from Summit Bible Church, Kubwa and had 20 participants. At the end, through interactive activities and group learning, participants were able to understand the fundamentals of skills and capacity development; identify skills, talents and assets; and match how these skills, talents and assets can serve as a basis to build adaptive capacity for career start-up or career change

Proposal Writing and Project Development Workshop

On May 1, 2018 V-BCi facilitated a proposal writing and project development workshop at Kubwa, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria. This class was for individuals interested in developing quality and competitive proposals. It had 40 participants with funding support from Summit Bible Church, Kuwba. The workshop equipped participants with effective tools for problem analysis; setting goals; SMART outputs and outcomes; understanding monitoring, evaluation, impact and sustainability issues; and developing budgets. Some of the tools used through very interactive and engaging activities were problem tree; outcome tree; planning pyramid; risk table; monitoring framework; and budget template

Certification of VBCi

V-BCi started seeking for legal certification in May 2018. The process was concluded by October 2019. We are happy to announce that Value-Based Communities Initiative (V-BCI) a non-profit organization is registered as Incorporated Trustee with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Our Trustees are:

  1. Mrs. Nneka Irene Bush – Chair
  2. Mrs Chinwe Amauche Anorue
  3. Comrade Daniel Umaru – Secretary

Local Economy Development

V-BCi facilitated asset mapping meetings for community based organizations including Unity Sisters Cooperative; Nasarawa Queens; and Rindre Youth Association, at Wamba, Nasarawa State. The meetings focused on defining local economy, understanding the economic space, understanding the market and how to create new markets by developing cultural assets. After the meetings with each group, there were organizational capacity gaps identified. V-BCi hopes to support these groups to develop their organizational capacities, governance structure, and human resource capital so they can be better organized for economic growth and sustainability


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