VBCi promotes strengthening of communities to harness their assets for common good in a sustainable manner, that retains indigenous knowledge and value system ensuring social and economic justice.

Vision Statement:  All communities have assets, resources, knowledge, expertise and power within to build healthy communities.


  1. To stimulate asset-based citizens led development, promoting a shift to local economies from deficits to assets
  2. To promote communities abilities to mobilize for change, economic and sustainable development;
  3. To be flexible and responsive to individual communities’ culture and diversity, promoting indigenous knowledge, value system and peaceful co-existence

Underlying Frames and Assumptions:

  • Empowered communities and women in particular are capable to develop self-sustaining local economies
  • Young persons have the capacity to contribute to development and economic sustainability of their communities
  • Communities have assets and resources that can be mobilized to enhance livelihood as well as promote sustainable development

Key Areas of Work

  1. Promoting local economies, improving livelihood and Sustainable development of local communities
  2. Promoting indigenous knowledge and value systems
  3. Support women organize, establish and run effective cooperatives
  4. Community based conflict transformation and peace building
  5. Build and strengthen the capacity of the youth as trans-formative leaders within their communities

Guiding Principle: Community well-being is dependent on the capacity of communities to harness social and economic justice.